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  • {3S} SQL Smart Security SSMS Add-In architect, developer
  • is a 32-years-old IT enthusiast. He acquired theoretical and practical education in IT during the last 15 years (since the secondary school until the end of the doctoral study, including self-education.) At the present time, he works for more than 3 years in a software company as a software developer focusing on Microsoft technologies: C# (.NET/VS/TFS), T-SQL (SQL Server/SSMS), WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WP (SharePoint), WCF, WF/WFS/Nintex+IP (SharePoint)
  • Diploma Thesis: "Design of an experimental workstation for teaching microprocessor-based technique"
    (see also: School Publication)
  • Doctoral Dissertation: "Development of a computer program module for machinery requirement optimisation at an enterprise level"
    (see also: School Publication)
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